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Guard Your Yard! Bird-X Bird & Animal Ultrasonic Repellers

YardGard from Bird-X
YardGard Silent Animal Repeller

Repel Wildlife with the YardGard

The YardGard Silent Animal Repeller works against dogs, cats, deer, raccoons, skunks, rodents and other creatures. It has many settings for each creature. If you’re trying to repel against more than one animal, place the dial to the largest animal.

 Retail Price: $69.99  Our Price: $54.99

Balcony Guard from Bird-X
Balcony Guard - Bird Repeller

Deter Birds with the Balcony Guard 

The BalconyGuard Bird Repeller deters birds and other flying creatures for up to 900 sq ft. Please make note of troubleshooting tip #2, below, when setting up the device.

Retail Price: $79.99  Our Price: $63.54

DeerGard from Bird-X
DeerGard Outdoor Deer Control

Get Rid of Deer with the DeerGard

The DeerGard Silent Deer Repeller has exclusive settings to repel deer and other creatures of similar size. Again, please make note of trouble shooting tip #2, below, when setting up.

Retail Price: $79.99  Our Price: $70.91

If you’ve ever been confused by which ultrasonic repellers work for different animals, you’re not the only one! The -Gard line of automatic repellers from Bird-X are all outdoor pest repellers all utilize both sonic and ultrasonic technologies to deter pests of different sizes for up to 4,000 sq ft.

For all of the repellers, we can offer a few troubleshooting tips:

  • Plugging in the repellers (as opposed to running them on batteries) is always preferable. When battery-operated, these animal repellers run in motion-sensor mode, only emitting the annoying sounds when it detects movement. By plugging in the deterrents the ultrasonic sounds will go off constantly.
  • Height does matter. Try placing the device at the level of the ears (head) of the animal you are trying to repel from your yard or garden for optimum results.
  • For the YardGard, be sure that you’ve set your controls to repel the correct creature! Different animals hear at many different levels. Some overlap, but you don’t want to accidentally repel a dog instead of the deer nibbling at your precious roses!

The YardGard from Bird-X is known under various names and product codes, including: Yard Gard, YardGuard, Yard Guard, BXYG, BIRDXYG, BXYG3, and BIRDXYG3.

The Balcony Guard - Bird Repeller from Bird-X is know under these various names: BalconyGuard, Balcony Gard, and the BalconyGard.

The DeerGard Silent Deer Repeller from Bird-X is known under these various names: Deer Gard, DeerGuard and the Deer Guard.

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YardGard Vs. CatStop -
I bought the two products. Unfortunately CatStop did not have any affect on the cats, they ignored it. Yard Gard came with frequency chooser, volume control, animal frequency map and mode of operation (movement sensitive (as CatStop) and continues operation). After operating it, no cats were seen in the area.
~Gil, USA

DeerGard -
I have had the product in my garden for 40 days, and so far no damage from the deer. I would recommend Bird-X DG Deer Gard.
~Thomas, FL

Balcony Guard -
Although other reviewers of this product were not 100% happy, I was desperate, so I purchased anyway. It did take a few days as mentioned in the product's directions for it to take full effect. I have considered buying another for a spare because it does work. Our back yard was a very nasty mess to say the least, now we can enjoy our yard again! I would recommend to anyone with a bird problem.
~Mary, USA

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