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Cozy Foot Warmer Heated Mat 


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How To Get Rid of Birds - Humane Bird Control Methods

Touch - Physical Bird Deterrents

Bird Net 
BirdNet PE-Plus Bird Netting

- Range of Sizes
- Physical Barrier Cuts Off Access of Birds

Retail Price: $259.99
Our Price: $205.40

Solar Bird Repeller 
Solar Bird Repeller
- Range: 5 ft. diameter
- Three Spinning Arms Keeps Birds Away

Retail Price: $89.99
Our Price: $80.78

Hear - Sonic & Ultrasonic Bird Repellers

Bird-X's Bird X-Peller Pro 
Bird X-Peller Pro
- Sonic Repeller 
- 1 Acre Coverage

Retail Price: $299.99
Our Price: $252.68

Balcony Guard
Balcony Guard Bird Repeller
- Ultrasonic Repeller 
- 900 Sq Ft Coverage

Retail Price: $79.99
Our Price: $63.54

See - Visual Bird Repellers

Hawk Decoy Bird & Rodent Deterrent 
Bird-B-Gone Hawk Decoy
- Multiple Pest Repeller 
- Indoors/Outdoors

Retail Price: $24.99
Our Price: $22.99

Bird-X Laser Bird Control 
Bird BLazer - Laser Bird Control
- Covers 10,000 Sq Ft 
- Confuses Flight Patterns 

Retail Price: $1489.99
Our Price: $1,300.00

How to Get Rid of Birds – Humane Bird Control Methods

Bird control can be a serious issue for a home owner and a business owner!

At home, it’s just a hassle to always have to be cleaning up bird droppings, feathers, and even the sticks and stones they use to create their nests! They can scare small children (and adults, after the hit classic movie!) and even get you sick. As technology has advanced, so has the issue of controlling birds! Smaller areas like porches and balconies can be saved by using the Bird X invented Balcony Guard.

For a business, these issues multiply! For outdoor restaurants, a bunch of roosting birds can keep away customers and leave an expensive mess. Car dealerships constantly have problems keeping bird droppings off those shiny new cars before the paint is ruined! Golf courses and property owners may even share a goose problem. Where these birds collect in large numbers they create an enormous amount of noise in addition to the mess they create. This is a huge problem on boat docks and slips, small airplane hangars and more.

A woodpecker problem or a problem with starlings, there is a solution available to be used in any location. Barns are simply notorious for attracting birds and bats that startle horses, cows and other livestock, and a startled horse can cause some expensive damage if you’re not careful…

When birds invade airfields the problem can become one of life and death. We’ve all heard the horror stories of airplane crashes because of bird strikes, but how does one safely get rid of these birds? Many are endangered species, and the others deserve their room just as much as we do. We simply don’t want them around our home or business! Keep birds away from your yard with a variety of technologies that won’t hurt anyone – not you, not your family, not your business and not even those pesky birds!

Use bird's own senses to deter them from your yard, home, business and more. If you need help determining the best form of bird control for your particular situation, please call us Toll Free at: (877) 493-2289 or email us at: info@gooddeals.com.

Read more about bird strikes, bird control for businesses and humane bird control methods.

Works great. Screwed to front, top lip of gutters. Easy install and steel spikes should last a long time. I used above my entryway, bought 2 packs. Took about 30 minutes total to install, but will need your own screws. The spike base is plastic, could be made of metal though. Fast shipping. Did I mention NO MORE POOP?
~Gordon, WA, USA

Bird Spikes -
Product is easy to install and an effective deterrent to birds.
~Gaylan, CA, USA

Bird X-Peller Pro -
I purchased this device and initially didn't have good results. However, once I determined my type of woodpecker, increased the frequency of the distress call, and found the right location (which wasn't until I had been using it for about 2 weeks), I had results. I watched as woodpeckers got scared away and havent been back since.

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