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Stop Dog Barking

Neighbor's Dog Barking - Outdoor Use

Outdoor Bark Control
- 50 ft Range
- Ultrasonic Frequency 

Retail Price: $69.99
Our Price: $56.49

Super Bark Free
- 25 ft Range 
- Adjustable Settings

Retail Price: $69.99
Our Price: $59.99

Your Dog Barking - Indoor Use

Bark Stop Professional
- 35 ft Range
- Use Indoors

Retail Price: $69.99
Our Price: $59.99

Bark Free
- 25 ft Range
- Indoor Use Only

Retail Price: $49.99
Our Price: $39.99

Handheld Bark Control - Portable Use

Pet-Agree Pet Trainer
- 20 ft Range
- Battery Operated

Retail Price: $39.00
Our Price: $25.95

Bark Stop Portable
- 50 ft Range
- Ultrasonic Frequency

Retail Price: $29.99
Our Price: $19.95

No matter the time of day, a neighbor’s dog barking can drive any normal person out of their mind. While we cannot always control each dog from barking, there is simple solution that is cost efficient and easy to use. The dog barking control devices offered by GoodDeals.com will aid in those bark-filled nights. The lost nights of sleep will be no more with the ultrasonic, sonic, spray, and static correction products for dogs. Stop barking that comes from your dog, or from a neighbor’s!

Nuisance barking can create health and social problems for both humans and canines. And nobody wants to be that irritant neighbor! How to make your dog stop barking is only limited by the training that you offer them. It has never been easier to stop dog barking than with the most advanced devices in the pet industry. Training dogs not to bark is nearly impossible without some kind of assistance. The anti barking devices found here can provide a simple and proven method to make that bark control training effortless.

Dog barking problems can be an issue of the past! The various devices from GoodDeals.com for relieving neighbor dog barking or your own dog barking can make life better for everyone, including your dog. Use the bark control contraptions to train those dogs not bark at the wrong times but keep your barking dog alarm for the appropriate times. The neighbors’ dog barking issues can be focused on by some of the more powerful, outdoor devices such as the Outdoor Bark Control from PetSafe or the Super Bark Free from Koolatron. For situations where your dog is the problem, an indoor dog barking control product will be ideal. We recommend Viatek’s Bark Stop Professional for indoor barking problems.

Stopping dog barking is not an easy task at all. It requires proper and dedicated training, and using an anti barking device eases training woes even further. Control nuisance barking with a device to that matches your bark issue. Whether it is your own canine that is howling or a neighbor dog barking, an ultrasonic or sonic device will train them to avoid this bad behavior. If you need a dog silencer that is collar based, then a spray collar or static correction collar will stop your dog from barking during those unnecessary times. Even those active dogs can be trained using a SportDog no bark collar that is available in our hunting dog store! Stop barking for once and for all!

Learn more about training a dog not to bark from our Bark Control Glossary.

Want to easily compare all of our Bark Control Products? View our Bark Control Comparison Chart.



I bought this [Outdoor Bark Control] for my own dog, who constantly barks outside. I got him a bark collar, but when we was wearing it, he wouldn't go outside. I read a lot of reviews about products like these, and decided to give it a try. I was hesitant to pay this much money for something like this, but I was ready to return it if it didn't work. There is a setting where it gives an audible beep when it works, so that was a great way to determine what would set it off. I was worried that people walking past the yard or other noises would set it off and would not be useful. So far, seems to be working perfectly. People talking and car noises haven't set it off, but the dog barking certainly did. Now, the dog goes outside, starts to growl, and then stops. It doesn't deter him from going outside, and definitely has stopped him from constant barking. Worth the money so far.
~Tom, USA

We've two large dogs next door and they used to bark *ALL* night. This device [Super Bark Free] is about 30 feet away from them, higher than the fence that separates our yards and now they may bark occasionally but it is definitely shorter lived and intermittent. Bottom line: it has helped.
~J. Howell, USA

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