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Pet Training Devices - Dogs & Cats

Bark Stop Professional
Bark Stop Professional

Ultrasonic Bark Control - Stop Dog Barking

The Bark Stop Professional is an effective and humane way to deter a noisy dog from barking profusely. This dog barking deterrent is a revolutionary new system designed to automatically detect when a dog is barking up to thirty five feet away. The Bark Stop Professional will emit a high-pitched noise that is only audible to a canine audience.

Retail Price: $69.99     Our Price: $59.99

Pet Agree Ultrasonic Trainer

Ultrasonic Pet Training Aid

Electronic pet training device to enforce commands to your pet. Teach your animal with this ultrasonic pet trainer. It is easy to use! Simply give the verbal command and press the button.

Retail Price: $39.00     Our Price: $25.95

Stubborn Dog Electric Fence
Stubborn Dog Electric Fence 

Electric Dog Fence

PetSafe Containment System with five levels of correction to ensure you pet stays in the yard. This system contains an adjustable collar with waterproof receiver, wiring, boundary flags and more. Free Ground Shipping.

 Retail Price: $229.99     Our Price: $194.95

PetSafe ScatMat

ScatMat - Keeps Pets off Furniture and Counters

Keep pets off of the furniture with the PetSafe ScatMat. The ScatMat provides consistent training and is very effective for keeping your dog or cat out of unwanted areas. The system is expandable and the mats are flexible so you can cover any space or surface.

 Retail Price: $89.99     Our Price: $70.95

Some pets are just more stubborn than others. However, using a dog training aid provided by GoodDeals.com brings a sigh of relief and eases the training progress. Remote pet training aids and ultrasonic devices can speed up the training as well. Any situation can benefit from one of these training systems whether it is basic dog training or service dog commands and training. The remote dog training equipment allows the pet owner complete control and customization for their specific need or dog. Teaching your pet to sit or stay has gone beyond a rolled newspaper and a tasty treat!

The ultrasonic devices are used in a method that is very similar to using a dog training clicker. Sounds emitted from the devices correct bad behaviors while other devices even offer a sound to reward for good behavior. Even cat training is easy using devices such as the Pet-Agree, which uses the same concept as a cat training clicker. Most automatic ultrasonic and sonic pet training aids can even be used with a cat training clicker for optimum benefits. For a humane and easy method to train your pet, the ultrasonic and sonic devices utilize your dog or cat’s ability to hear at certain frequencies. It lets them know when they are being bad, so they learn not to do it in the future.

A collar based dog training device provides an easy, and customizable, method to control bad behaviors such as nuisance barking or scratching at the door. Remote collar systems are perfect accessories during the training period of your family’s best friend. These proven methods of dog training are even used for service dogs and K-9 units. SportDog electronic collars from Radio Systems knew that professionals required advanced training systems and made them beyond the expected standards! The ability to customize most of these remote dog trainers allows easy adaption to your dog’s personality. From timid to stubborn, these electronic pet training devices are made specifically to ensure easy and successful training. Maybe you do not like the thought of static correction? The spray dog collar systems act as a distraction from the instigators of their bad behaviors. Even setting limits to where your pet is able to go in the yard is possible with a pet containment system. The SportDog In Ground Fence offers a professional solution for containing your dogs.

Any of the available choices for pet training aids will turn the basic pet owner into a pet training guru! Each electronic pet training device will maximum your ability to effortless train your dog or cat. Bad habits will vary per dog, but there is a dog training device for everything from stopping barking to teaching your dog to stay away from a busy street. The uses of these devices can range from basic dog training to advanced cat training techniques. Even products such as the ScatMat provides a simple way to a training solution on how to keep dogs off furniture even while you are not at home! Don’t let your pet’s bad behavior go on any longer: train them the right way, the fast way, and spend more time enjoying life with them!

My cat had me at wits end. He wanted to be on the counters all the time. I'd come home to find cat litter on the counter which is gross. Tried using the xmats which have plastic spikes on them (he got used to them and walked all over them). Then I decided he would not win the war and got one of these shock pads(the shock is mild depending on how you set it). All it took was one time jumping on this and he got the surprise of a lifetime. He stays clear now. The secret is to put it where the cat likes to jump to then once they learn to avoid that spot move it to the next place they choose to jump up to. I think they remember the spots to avoid (at least my cat did). This product is made of cheap materials but it works and that's what counts. I highly recommend to owners of stubborn cats.
~Wolverine, FL, USA

Pet Agree-
I looked at many of these and for the money, it works great. My husband is working at home now.. On the phone, and on many conference calls on speaker phone. Mabel is a puppy and now and then she needs to be quiet. We use it sparingly, but she promptly gets the message.
~Dianna, USA

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