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Personal Heaters and Portable Warmers for Winter

Heated Floormats and Footrests

Cozy Foot Warmer Heated Mats
Cozy Foot Warmer Heated Mat
-Two Sizes

Retail Price: $59.99
Our Price: $41.00

Toasty Toes Heater Footrest
Toasty Toes Heated Footrest
-Three Settings
-Home or Office

Retail Price: $69.99
Our Price: $51.00

Heated Panels for Offices

Cozy Legs Heated Panel
Cozy Legs Heated Panel
-Fits Under a Desk
-Easy to Mount

Retail Price: $59.99
Our Price: $47.00

Cozy Heat Panel Hi-Lo Switch
Cozy Heat Panel Hi-Lo Switch
-Cozy Accessory
-Three Settings

Retail Price: $19.99
Our Price: $13.99

Outdoor Warming Products

Ice Away Snow Melting Mat
Ice Away Snow Melting Mat

-Melt Snow or Ice
-Perfect for Walkways

Retail Price: $199.99
Our Price: $165.00

Thermo Hose Heated Water Hose
Thermo Hose Heated Water Hose
-Three Sizes
-Ice Resistant

Retail Price: $99.99
Our Price: $88.52

Personal Heated Mats, Panels and Footrests

When it begins to get colder we begin to search for ways to stay warm! And it just got easier on how to keep toes warm. The supreme selection of portable personal heaters and panel heaters from GoodDeals.com will provide relief during the bitter season. These heated mats will provide direct warmth to your toes. For those chilly legs, wall panel heaters will provide warmness to those as well! No matter where you need some extra heat in a cold location, these radiant portable heaters will provide pure satisfaction and comfort.

The Cozy Products line, formerly known as Indus-Tool, offers many heated feet mats. Their specialty is keeping you warm and toasty! Whether it is a carpeted foot warmer or a heating panel, their Cozy products will ensure a warm relief in a frosty place! In the office or at home, the electric Cozy Footrest provides a place to prop up your feet and enjoy the soothing heat applied to your tired feet. Warm your toes atop of one of the Toasty Toes foot warmers that are available. No matter the application or location, these portable heaters will aid your battle against winter and fall. Choose the Cozy Toes or the Cozy Legs based on how much area you need heated. Each cozy toes foot warmer is safe and eco-friendly!

Even the summer can benefit from an electric portable warmer! Some supervisors love to keep the building near freezing temperatures. But now you can battle the grief of a turbo charged air conditioner with an under desk foot warmer. These electric foot warmer devices can even provide relief to those achy feet on a busy day. Everybody in your building can even benefit from these ideal office foot warmers! Keep everyone happy through warmth.

No matter the time or place we all love to stay warm and comfy. You can easily achieve this comfort with any of these radiant panel heaters. Keep those toes and feet as warm as the rest of your body. The heating pad foot warmers will ensure a place to rest weary feet and sooth away pain. Or just keep you comfortable when you find the office a little frosty!

Personal heaters, like the Cozy Legs Heated Panel, are perfect for your office! One Fortune 500 company saved over $20,000 in one winter by replacing inefficient space heaters with the Toasty Toes Heated Footrest in their 1,000,000 sq ft office spaces. Cozy products use only 90 -150 watts, versus the 1500 watts drawn by a space heater. It also saved over 150,000 pounds in greenhouse gas use.

I work at a computer all day and after an hour of work my feet get very cold. Using a space heater uses 1500 Watts and it can run the electric bill through the roof. Not to mention that it dries up my eyes as the warm air travels up to my face. So I got Cozy Foot Warmer a few days ago and it has solved my problem. It takes 10 minutes or so to get comfortably warm and my feet are toasty all day. Above all it only uses 90 watts of electric. One of the reviews stated that it had a bad smell, and it did have me concerned, but in fact the smell is very very mild. After couple of days of use even that goes away. The smell is no more than what my rubber rain boots smelled like when I first bought them. I recommend this to anyone who is considering keeping their feet warm!
~A. Jolly, USA

Works very well! I've worked in an office that is just below ground level for the past 13 year - the floor is concrete covered with carpet and the heat comes from vents in the ceiling, so the floor and cold desk chill you during the winter. I got the mat and put it under my desk and finally had warm feet for the first time in 12 winters. It even works a bit as a radiant heater to warm the space beneath my desk making it tolerable to sit and focus on my work. The only downside is the first few days when it smells strongly of the rubber covering. Made me feel like I worked in a Good Year factory. A timer would be a good accessory so that you don't forget and leave it running at the end of the day.
~T., USA

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