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DrinkWell Pet Fountains

DrinkWell Pet Dishes - Automatic Pet Care

DrinkWell Pet Dish
DrinkWell Original Pet Fountain

DrinkWell Original Pet Fountain

The DrinkWell Pet Fountain features a 50 ounce reservoir that supplies your pet with plenty of fresh drinking water. The constant flowing water of this pet watering fountain adds additional oxygen for keeping your pet healthy and happy!

 Retail Price: $59.99     Our Price: $43.75

Platinum Luxury Pet Waterer
DrinkWell Platinum Pet Fountain

Premium DrinkWell Pet Fountain

Luxury pet fountain that is able to store up to one gallon of water! The 1/2 gallon reservoir and the 1/2 gallon water dish provides plenty of clean water for your cat or dog. The DrinkWell automatic pet water fountain provides flowing water that will improve your pets' health and happiness. A luxurious design goes great with any decor.

 Retail Price: $79.99     Our Price: $61.24

DrinkWell Four Spout Waterer
DrinkWell 360 Pet Fountain 

DrinkWell - Multiple Pet Water Fountain

The DrinkWell 360 Dog Fountain provides multiple pets with a fresh source of clean water. Keep your pets healthy with odor-free and crispy hydration from this automatic pet waterer. Interchangeable water spouts will allow you to choose up to four water fountains from this pet water dispenser! A constant flow of water also provides your dogs or cats with extra oxygen to aid in keeping them active and healthy.

 Retail Price: $79.99     Our Price: $56.85

DrinkWell Big Dog Fountain
DrinkWell Big Dog Water Fountain

DrinkWell Large Dog Fountain

Larger breed dogs and bigger animals require more hydration than most average size pets! The Big Dog Pet Dish from the DrinkWell line holds over two gallons of water. The constant stream of water on each of the dog fountain provides a supply of fresh water that is oxygenated for superior health benefits. The supreme filter ensures odor free and fresh water each time your big dog drinks from the pet fountain. Fill the automatic dog water bowl, plug it into an AC outlet, and fresh water will be readily available for your pet!

 Retail Price: $79.99     Our Price: $61.24

We like to keep our water fresh and cold for drinking occasions. As the heat inside of our homes and outside continues to rise we require a clear liquid to keep us hydrated. Now, imagine how your pets feel drinking plain, impure rain or tap water. Nevertheless, your pets do not need to drink out of their old dish with calcium build up around the rim! Veterinary Ventures believes that your pets require the same clean, clear, and pure water that we drink from our filtered devices. The DrinkWell Pet Fountains provide maximum filtration and provides free-flowing water that improves your pet’s overall health. Pet water fountains have shown to produce outstanding health benefits for cats, dogs, and other water drinking pets.

What dog doesn’t love lapping water after a long day outside? A pet fountain DrinkWell product will provide filtered water to quench their thirst. Bigger breeds can even find their own type of pet drinking fountains! The DrinkWell Big Dog Pet Fountain provides them a stream of fresh water to cure that big thirst. Keep your big pup happy with a DrinkWell Big Dog water dispenser. Supply even more water for your big dog! A flowing pet water fountain keeps the water oxygenated and returns that oxygen to your pet. This will keep your dog health and active.

Cats require plenty of water to keep them healthy, too! A DrinkWell cat fountain will keep your cats intrigued with a falling stream of water. Many cats actually prefer a constantly flowing water source over that plain old water dish. A charcoal filter provides a DrinkWell fresh water fountains an odorless, tasteful water source for your kittens to enjoy. Taking care of your cat is very important in keeping them happy! The DrinkWell Platinum Pet Fountain has become more advanced than even that of the original DrinkWell fountains! The capacity has been increased on this fountain, the energy usage has been lowered, and the flowing water is even cleaner. This DrinkWell cat dish will ensure that your cat stops drinking out of the toilet!

DrinkWell the Original Pet Fountain provides healthier, best tasting, and higher quality water for your pets to enjoy. Even the new DrinkWell 360 Pet Fountain provides multiple sources of free flowing water for multiple pets to enjoy this “better” water! Each DrinkWell fountain ensures better health and a better life for your pet. We don’t enjoy bad tasting tap water, and neither should your pets. Turn that tap water into sparkling water with one of the many DrinkWell Pet Fountains available at GoodDeals.com.

Platinum Pet Fountain-
Actually didn't pay attention to anything other than buying another DrinkWell Fountain. Extremely pleased with it, just wanted one more. When the Platinum Fountain came, I liked it, then set it up and was impressed with the improvements. (I like that it) holds more water, easier to put together after cleaning, and much quieter. The cats took about 20 seconds to get over being scared cats, and love it. Glad I have it. Will probably by another one.
~Maureen, LA, USA

Original Pet Fountain-
My cat Toby would only drink from a slow running faucet in the bath tub and it was a problem if we wanted to leave him for a couple of days. I got this fountain over 5 years ago and it is still in great running condition. You should do general cleaning about once a week and do a complete cleaning about twice a year. Remove any pet hair that has accumulated near the intake propeller every couple of days with just a swipe of your finger. As long as the water level is kept above the intake valve it is VERY QUIET and soothing. If you don't mind keeping a water dish clean and don't mind doing a little routine maintenance from time to time then this is the water bowl for you. I HIGHLY recommend the water reservoir as the water will last about a week. This is the best price around for this item.
~Dianna, USA

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