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Above Ground - Garden Mole Control

YardGard from Bird-X
YardGard Silent Animal Repeller

Control Moles with the YardGard

The YardGard Silent Animal Repeller will control various types of outdoor and garden pests such as above ground moles, gophers, mice, rats, racoons, & other creatures. Ultrasonic mole control is a humane solution. Set the dial for smaller rodents for getting rid of gophers or moles.

 Retail Price: $69.99  Our Price: $54.99

Underground - Gopher Mole Control

Vibrasonic Molechaser
Vibrasonic Molechaser

Get Rid of Moles from Beneath Your Yard

Using strong vibrations and sonic pulses, the Vibrasonic Molechaser from P3 International provides the ultimate mole removal solution. Getting rid of gophers and garden moles has never been easier. Simply dig the required hole, insert the activated Mole Chaser, and you will have complete control over your mole infestation problem.

 Retail Price: $29.99  Our Price: $24.99

We all love to keep our homes presentable and our yards welcoming, but with the presence of a mole or gopher it becomes near impossible! Mole control is a very difficult task since they burrow and come to feast and live in our yards. As technology advances the products that are available for lawn mole control tend to advance, too! Devices that emit strong vibration or ultrasonic sounds are perfect for garden mole control or those pesky gophers living on our property. Getting rid of gophers, moles, shrews, or ground hogs is no easy task at all. That is why GoodDeals.com offers all of the latest products to rid your beautiful home and yard from ground burrowing rodents.

Choosing a method to rid of pesky moles is based on the technique you wish to use. A device such as the YardGard Silent Animal Repeller is useful for when moles are above ground. This ultrasonic mole control product uses high frequency sound waves to drive the ground rodents away from the covered, above ground area. If your mole infestation is below the surface, the Vibrasonic Molechaser uses very strong vibrations and sonic sound waves that will affect the burrowing rodent’s hearing. For the ultimate in ground mole control, choose the latest technologically advanced products!

If you do not want to fiddle with batteries and power supplies, a mole deterrent spray could be your best choice! The Scoot Mole spray for gopher and mole removal has been designed and proven to work by the Bird-X company. Simply apply this concentrated spray mixed with water to your yard and those critters will find a new place to destroy! This simple spray is ideal for controlling moles and gopher eradication. Even if you hate these annoyances you don’t want to kill them, so the ScootMole spray has been designed to be safe animals and humans alike!

Gopher mole control is not a very easy task at all. That is why GoodDeals.com has come to offer simple and safe solutions for your mole infestation. Take back control of your lawn and find the solution to control moles! Get that picture perfect garden back by using the best lawn mole control for your situation. No more moles, no more holes!

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I bought four of them (Vibrasonic Mole Chaser) for my front and back yard three months ago. They have been working well keeping the moles away, although the range is not a large as stated. I dug the hole for each one and packed the dirt around the mole chaser. I have an acre and a half of yard and I do have mole activity in the far back of the yard I will buy three more to cover that area. If you have a sandy yard I don't think that they would work as well.

I have had gopher problems for past ten years and have tried everything from cyanide to smoke bombs to garden hoses. Nothing seems to work as they just return days later. I have placed 5 of these chasers (Vibrasonic MoleChaser) on my one acre property and have seen an 80% decrease in gopher activity over the past three weeks. I plan on buying 5 more as i think you need more units than advertised. The 4 D batteries will get expensive but still cheaper than replacing sprinkler lines and wires.
~Daniel, USA


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