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Powerful Sonic Bark Control

Control Barking Outdoors

Super Bark Free from Koolatron
Super Bark Free
- 25 ft Range
- Dual Speakers

Retail Price: $69.99
Our Price: $59.99 

Koolatron Super Bark Free Pro
Pro Series Super Bark Free

- Timer
- Outdoor Use

Retail Price: $99.99
Our Price: $78.99 

Indoor Dog Bark Control

Lentek Bark Free
Bark Free
- 25 ft Range
- Dual Speakers

Retail Price: $49.99
Our Price: $39.99

Viatek Bark Stop Professional
Bark Stop Professional
- 35 ft Range
- Indoor Use

Retail Price: $69.99
Our Price: $59.99

Audible & Portable Bark Control

Pet-Agree Pet Trainer
- 20 ft Range
- Ultrasonic Operation

Retail Price: $39.00
Our Price: $25.95

Portable Bark Stop
Bark Stop Portable
- 50 ft Range
- Ultrasonic & Sonic

Retail Price: $34.99
Our Price: $19.99

How Do I Train My Dog to Stop Barking?

A continuously barking dog can break anybody’s peace and sleep pattern! Now you can easily take control and train your dog not to bark! The variety of sonic Bark Control devices offered from GoodDeals.com will aid any person in training your dog not to bark, or take care of that irritating barking dog next door. These audible bark control devices can stop a dog’s barking before it becomes a major social and health problem. Don’t stress over how to train your dog because these powerful devices will stop dog barking in its tracks! Preventing your dog from continuing their barking problem will allow ease everyone’s peace of mind, and your dog will become a much more behaved part of the family.

Audible bark control devices can come in the form of an external electronic device or a collar that is worn around your dog’s neck. The audible products that are external devices, such as the Good Neighbor Bark Breaker, have been perfected to stop your neighbor’s dog from barking. A sonic bark control dog collar is ideal for training your own dog from barking. Many of these devices feature advanced settings for customizable training; on the other hand, many of these products are as simple as pushing a button! Proper dog training can stop barking with ease. Regardless of the type of electronic bark control that you require, a training aid will help your barking situation. How to stop a dog from barking when you leave? For training help while you are gone, many of these products also feature an automatic activation that is triggered by your dog's barking.

Some neighbors either refuse or don’t have the time to properly train their dog not to bark or at least not barking continuously! Outdoor bark control devices can be easily mounted in a nearby location to control your neighboring dog from barking. Electric bark control devices typically feature a powerful sonic setting to deter a barking dog. The Super Bark Stop features a huge 50 foot range and allows you to specify an ultrasonic mode or an even more powerful audible mode! Simply adjust the settings to your liking, mount this device near the barking dog, point the speaker in the general direction of the dog, and let this sonic bark control device do its justice!

If your dog is the one that is doing the barking then maybe a bark control collar is necessary for your condition. You will find the best possible solution, with high-quality designs, in PetSafe Bark Control Collars. The UltraLight Sonic Bark Control Collar uses a high decibel tone to distract barking dogs from the instigating entity that is causing them to bark. This audible, high-pitched tone only when the collar detects that your dog is barking. Don’t just ignore a non-obedient dog and becoming a part of the problem, but become part of the solution by training your dog not to bark!

Need help understanding how to stop a barking dog? Find your answers in the Bark Control Glossary.

Want to easily compare all of our Bark Control Products? View our Bark Control Comparison Chart.




I purchased three ultrasonic devices, used all three at once and there was no effect! None! The answer is that ultrasonic does not work. I recommend that you purchase SUPER BARK STOP or any of this type, because this type has both ultrasonic and audible settings. Set it to AUDIBLE, full volume and full sensitivity. You will find that it is easier to train the inconsiderate neighbors than the dog. This will not annoy your inconsiderate neighbors as much as their dog annoys you, but at least you will be able to share the joy!
~J. Sowder, USA

It (PetSafe UltraLight Sonic Bark Control Collar) is lightweight, and it does seem to be helping my dog to bark less. There are a couple of pitfalls: on the low setting it sometimes doesn't pick up my dog's bark, but on the high setting it is set off by his movements, which has proved to be confusing for him during the learning process. Also, and this is no doubt my own fault for assuming, but I sort of thought the incredibly high-pitched noise wouldn't be audible to humans. Well, it is, and wow...it's every bit as annoying as the bark!
~Sarah G., USA

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