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Physically Control Birds - Bird Repellers

Bird-X Bird Spikes

Polycarbonate Plastic Spikes
Polycarbonate Bird Spikes
- Strong Plastic
- Flexible Design

Retail Price: $44.99
Our Price: $37.43

Stainless Steel Bird Spikes
Stainless Steel Bird Spikes
- Industrial Steel
- Three Spike Settings

Retail Price: $49.99
Our Price: $42.00

Bird Netting - Bird Deterrent

Bird X BirdNet
BirdNet - Bird Netting
- Residential Netting
- Plastic Mesh Material

Retail Price: $79.99
Our Price: $76.68

Industrial Bird Netting
BirdNet PE-Plus Bird Netting
- Industrial Strength
- Various Sizes

Retail Price: $249.99
Our Price: $205.40

Other Physical Bird Repellers

Solar Powered Bird Sweeper 
Solar Bird Repeller
- Sweeping Arms
- Solar Powered

Retail Price: $89.99
Our Price: $80.78

Bird-X Bird Proof Liquid 
Bird Proof Sticky Liquid
- Four Gallons 
- Sticky Gel Liquid

Retail Price: $299.99
Our Price: $266.57

Birds can be beautiful creatures, but they can also be very destructive and harmful to our health. Some birds can destroy businesses and homes, and potentially can result in sick family members or customers. Scientific and product research continues to show that various methods of bird control will help eliminate and prevent these bird-related issues. Electronic bird control devices can utilize powerful ultrasonic and sonic sound waves to repel birds out of particular areas; however, physical bird deterrents will prevent birds from even reaching those areas! Protect your crops, homes, businesses, pools, car lots, shopping centers, and more with physical methods of keeping those pesky critters far away before they do any harm.

Birds will gather for several reasons: feeding, roosting, or nesting. Flocks of birds are able to locate a prime source of food like magic! They will feast on bugs around your home, the fruits in your garden, or the crops that feed your family. This remains true no matter if you have a blackbird problem or a problem with seagulls. Applying a natural spray can be time consuming to ensure year long coverage; however, installing a physical barrier to protect your area from birds only requires a one-time installation and basically no further maintenance! Protect your garden or crops from birds by installing a section of bird netting around that area. This anti-bird netting will physically keep birds away from that source of food. They will be unable to get through or around the bird net; therefore, this causes this to seek food elsewhere!

Roosting birds tend to treat one area as their permanent home. If they find this place comfortable than more than likely they will stay treat your barn, attic, or warehouse as their home-sweet-home! You can stop birds from roosting by easily installing a physical bird deterrent. Bird spikes can be applied to the locations in which birds will land to roost. These bird spikes will take away the ability for a bird to land in the location that they find comfortable; in return, this eliminates the bird from roosting! These safe, humane spikes act as a prevention method for landing birds. They will be unable to properly grasp a roosting spot with their feet, and this will lead to the bird flying elsewhere to find a new home. Bird Spikes from Bird-X are available in a polycarbonate plastic or stainless steel. Fight back and take control: bird control!

Physical bird deterrents can also help for any nesting situations. Birds want to rear their young in a location that is suitable for them to lay their eggs. However, if they are unable to reach this location then they will not nest nor lay their eggs there! Stop birds from nesting by applying applying bird spikes, bird control nets, or bird control sprays. BirdNet, from the Bird X company, is available to physically prevent the bird from reaching your warehouse or bell tower. Get rid of your pigeon problem by physically removing the birds! Take back your billboard location by applying bird spikes to thwart any birds looking for a nesting place. Birds can be messy and annoying, but with a physical bird deterrent you can stop birds from nesting in your esteemed locations! Physical bird deterrents can even help with a geese problem.

BirdNet Bird Netting-
The netting works great and is easy to drape. My blueberries now end up in pancakes instead of mockingbird bellies. I've ordered three more nets for my tomatoes, persimmons, and crookneck yellow squash. Thanks.
~D. Eddins, USA

Stainless Steel Spikes-
Bird spikes are very functional and effective at keeping birds from nesting or sitting in areas where you do not want them to nest.
~D. Noyd, USA

Polycarbonate Spikes-
I anticipated the plastic spikes to be a heavier strength. My use is to place on my pontoon boat at the dock where we have a terrible problem with the birds nesting on the railings and canopy in down position. For the right use (ledges with multiple rows of spikes for a cluster) these spikes appear they would be okay. I returned and ordered the stainless steel spikes. The stainless steel appears to be what I need. The return was very smooth, easily completed.
~J. Maugh

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