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PetSafe Two Day Pet Dish
PetSafe Automatic Feeder - 2 Meals

Electronic Pet Feeder - Two Meals

PetSafe's Auto Pet Feeder dispenses up to two fresh meals per day. This electronic dog feeder will allow feeding in 2 hour increments. The manual timer allows feeding each meal anytime in a 48 hour period. Perfect for those busy pet owners!

 Retail Price: $44.99     Our Price: $34.99

Koolatron Six Day Pet Dish
Automatic Six Day Pet Dish

Electronic Pet Feeder - Six Meals

Long weekends or forgetful days can lead to under-fed pet! Lentek made the Automatic Six Days Pet Dish to provide full or small meals in selectable intervals of 6, 12, or 24 hours. Six food compartments of this auto cat feeder holds approximately 2 to 3 cups of food. Works with dry or wet food!

 Retail Price: $54.99     Our Price: $44.99

Auto Pet Feeder
Automatic Pet Feeder 

Automatic Pet Feeder - Customizable Meals

Every pet is different in the sense of how much they eat and when they eat. Ergo System's Automatic Pet Feeder is available in several sizes of dog food feeders. The electronic timer allows easy programming options to dispense set amounts of food. Highly advanced settings can provide 8 different timer programs for every day of the week. There has never been a smarter electronic dog feeder!

Retail Price: $159.99   Our Price: $133.27

DrinkWell Automatic Pet Fountain
Automatic Pet Drinking Fountain

Automatic Pet Water Bowl - Filtered Pet Water

Have water on hand for your pet, even when you are not there! Drinkwell pet fountains provide fresh water that can easily improve your pet's health. A free flowing stream adds additional oxygen for healthy benefits. The 50 ounce capacity tank holds plenty of water while the fountain's circulation keeps water naturally cool. This filtered pet water bowl eliminates bad taste and bad odors.

 Retail Price: $59.99     Our Price: $43.75

No dog enjoys those boring, old plastic dog bowls! And what pet wants stale water from a crusty, pet water dish? The solution is simple and enjoyable for your pets and your lifestyle, too! An automatic dog feeder and pet water fountain encourages your pets to live a healthy life and ensures that you can still keep up with your busy schedule. Pet feeding and watering solutions allows you to easily setup the right amount of foods, the right times to feed or water your pets, and how often they require food. The latest auto pet feeder typically includes highly advanced timer abilities and dispensing capabilities. Every electronic pet feeder from GoodDeals.com is high quality and guaranteed to keep busy pet owners satisfied!

Vacations can be hard to cope with knowing that your dog is used to eating at a certain time. Calm your worries because GoodDeals.com offers a wide array of automatic pet bowls that feature customizable settings. Your ideal auto dog feeder will dispense food at the proper time that your pup is use to eating at; therefore, you will be reassured that your dog’s food bowl is always full right on time. The Petmate LeBistro Portion Control Pet Feeder even allows you to set the specific amount of food to dispense for your pet, down to the cup size! Even more important is proper hydration! Dogs require plenty of water during the day. Your dog will stay hydrated during your trip with their own drinking fountain. The Drinkwell fountains provide fresh, flowing water that filters out the bad stuff and makes clean water for them to enjoy. The Automatic Dog Waterer uses a several-layered charcoal filter to clean the water of pollutants and odors. Plus it stores plenty of fresh water for your pet to enjoy while you’re away!

Make sure that your family feline is kept full while you’re gone, too! Automatic cat feeders will keep your pet kitty fed by providing just the right amount of food. A premeasured automatic cat feeder allows the owner to fill the pet dish with the right amount and type of food that will later be accessible to the cat at a certain time or interval. The PetSafe Auto Pet Feeder with two meals is perfect for those long days at the office. This auto cat feeder will provide access to two meals at certain times. Cats are very particular about their water, too! This is why many cats enjoy drinking water from a running faucet or dripping spout. GoodDeals.com offers a fresh water solution for cats! A drinking fountain for cats will provide filtered and flowing water for your feline to enjoy at any time. That standing water found in most other pet water bowls is not intriguing or fresh. Give your cat the healthiest way to hydrate themselves with a filtered pet water dish.

Your pets are some of the most important aspects in your life and have become a part of your family. Keeping them safe and happy is vital part to maintaining a happy relationship with your cat or dog! No matter if you travel a lot or you are just plain forgetful, an automatic dog food dispenser will always keep Fido fed. The Automatic Six Days Pet Dish offers up to six meals, which is a perfect solution for providing small meals at regular intervals. Drinkwell understands that water is just as important to pets and pet owners as food. Keep fresh water available for your pets at all times with a pet drinking fountain. Drinkwell offers the perfect water dish for all pets from small cat bowls to large dog bowls, and all of them feature clean and flowing water. Have an outside animal? The Contech WaterDog provides flowing water from any spout hook up. For colder environments, the Heated Bucket is the highest quality heated dog water bowl on the market, and can even be used as a heated water dish for horses and livestock!

PetSafe 5 Meal Pet Feeder-
I got this when I went on vacation. My cat has to eat small portions or it comes back up, and of course my cat sitter can't stop by 5 times a day. Enter the PF5-11. It delivers equal portions 5 times a day (or 1 meal every day for 5 days, or 2 meals every day for 2 and half days, or whatever). So the sitter came by once or twice a day and just refilled the hoppers. Now I use it all the time. Phoebe Cat now anticipates the feeding times and has stopped bugging me to feed her. It's pretty easy to program, very accurate, and seems to run a long time on the D cells. The motor only really runs for 5 seconds a day. Highly recommended.
~M. Rosen, USA

Pet Dish WeekEnder-
My two cats are like goldfish; they will eat themselves to death. I tried to use an automatic feeder in the past, but it was quickly demolished by one of my cats. The Lentek feeders I bought have been exactly what I wanted. There's no winding the timer and my cats are showing signs of slowing down on their overeating since they know there's more coming in six hours (the setting we use). The feeders are durable, efficient, and reliable. Perfect!
~The Millers, USA

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