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Explaining Bark Control

Bark Control – training techniques or devices that are meant for the purpose of stopping dogs from barking. These methods for dog bark control include instating proper disciplinary measures for good and bad behavior, using equipment such as bark control collars, and diagnosing the original source of the barking dog problem. Anti-barking measures take patience, effort, and the pet owner’s full support. Many solutions involve these measures to learn how to stop dogs from barking and teach them to stop barking.

Anti Bark Collars – specialized dog collars that are manufactured to aid effort to stop dogs from barking. Highly advanced electronic dog collars feature vibration detection or built-in microphones that detect a dog’s barking. Examples of these anti barking devices are the Dogtra No Bark Collar and the PetSafe Small Dog Bark Collar.

Citronella Bark Collar – an electronic bark collar that emits a safe spray of lemon-scented mist that is used to startle and distract the pet from barking. This spray bark collar utilizes a dog’s strong sense of smell to distract them from the source of their barking. The contained spray within every anti bark spray collar is safe and humane. The Innotek citronella spray Anti Bark Collar is the highly recommended by pet training experts! The spay bark control collars are also sometimes available in a scentless option.

Sonic Bark Control – a form of bark control that uses audible sounds to distract, startle, or annoy a dog to control barking. Sonic bark control is a successful bark control training method that typically uses high decibel tones, audible to human hearing, to disrupt the dogs’ barking. The Bark Free from Lentek features an audible setting that provides a method sonic bark control. This type of device is also available in a bark collar for dogs, too! The UltraLight Sonic Bark Collar from PetSafe uses an advanced barking detection and speaker system to transmit a loud tone to deter barking.

Ultrasonic Bark Control – uses inaudible sound waves at high frequencies that are utilized as a dog barking deterrent. These frequencies are transmitted at a level beyond human hearing yet at the ideal level to distract or annoy dogs into deterring their nuisance barking habits. Most devices use a microphone and high powered speaker to detect the barking and then emit the sound waves. Ultrasonic dog bark control is available for indoor or outdoor use, depending on the stop dog barking device. Every device is different and many ultrasonic deterrent products feature a long range for the case of a neighbor’s barking dog. The PetSafe Outdoor Bark Control birdhouse is perfect for controlling barking outside!

Bark Collar Training – a form of training where a pet owner or pet instructor uses an electronic bark collar to help control dogs to stop barking. Highly advanced products are worn as a basic collar during training periods to teach a dog not to bark during certain times or during certain scenarios such as trying to get your dog to stop barking at other dogs. Many people refer to these devices as dog shock collars; however, many bark collar devices uses small static corrections, sprays, ultrasonic sound waves, or disrupting audible noises to train the dog.

Indoor Bark Control – controlling a dog’s barking while inside of a home or closed area. When a pet owner needs to control dog barking, such as when they are away or unable to manually stop the dog from barking (during situations such as visitors knocking at the door, or noises outside) indoor bark control methods are used. Some nuisance barking can also be attributed to loneliness, separation anxiety, stress, or boredom. A device such as the PetSafe Indoor Ultrasonic Bark Control knows just how to train a dog not to bark! Using ultrasonic sound, this small unit is capable of automatically or manually train your dog not to bark at just the right time. Many indoor bark control products are small, handheld, or low powered to ensure the most effective method to teach a dog not to bark within a residence.

Outdoor Bark Control – controlling a barking dog in an outdoor location such as yard. Some dogs are distracted by a pedestrian or other outdoor animals. Handheld anti-bark devices are perfect for taking your dog out to the park when you need to stop him or her from barking at other dogs. When your dog is barking within your own yard, it can cause a barking problem that is sure to annoy you and your neighborhood. An ultrasonic outdoor bark control device can silently and easily help with training your dogs not to bark when there are so many distractions around them. Outdoor bark control products can even help in the situation where a neighbor with a barking dog refuses to stop the nuisance barking! The Super Bark Free is adjustable and will be helpful solution for your dog or your uncooperative neighbor and their dogs. It is important to know that most outdoor devices will be too powerful for any indoor use. Some products are usable either indoors or outdoors, and some of these devices are equipped with some type of rain cover or is constructed to be weather resistant. Please note, none of these devices are water proof and exposure to severe outdoor elements will damage the unit and may present a risk to the user.

Static Correction – a technology used within various bark control collars. But GoodDeals.com does not offer those typical inhumane collars that are harmful or unreliable! Static correction is an electronically controlled technology that is a very mild "pinch," but is not harmful and is only a form of distraction or as a “scare” technique for your dog when they bark at inappropriate times. A static correction is comparable to the same static “shock” that we experience when touching a metal object after walking on a carpeted area or during colder weather. Static correction can be found in many bark collar products and has become highly advanced in terms of bark detection and barking deterrence. These devices only detect when your dog barks and avoids accidental corrections from other noises. These dog bark collars are more humane and safe for your pets than those old fashion dog shock collars.

Dog Deterrent – is a device that restricts dogs from reaching or nearing an area that is covered by the device. A high frequency dog repellent is different than a dog barking deterrent. An ultrasonic dog repeller uses the same technology as those found in bark control products but are meant for the purpose of keeping dogs away from a particular area such as a yard, pool, or fence. The two types of ultrasonic products are sometimes confused and each type may not fit a certain situation. An ultrasonic dog deterrent typically operates via a remote control, handheld device, or motion-sensor, but it will not detect a dog’s barking; therefore, some high frequency dog repellant products will not work for training a dog not to bark. A popular product that will assist in training a dog for basic commands and basic training is the dog Dazer. The Dazer dog deterrent features a wide range of uses such as deterring and training!

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